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A-B01 Bench

A-B01 Bench

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For installation in an entry space, this design strived for a dual functionality, to allow the piece to serve as a bench-style seat or a decorative stand. The lightness generated by making the edges of the seating surface and legs so thin, the robustness of the lower support rail, which appears to be made from a length of raw timber, and the slender steel rod that connects the seat and rail combine to produce an overall harmony.

The bold choice of employing a steel rod instead of wood serves helps to create a simple and beautiful appearance, even as it enhances durability.

The special cushion features a non-slip lining material, so it can be positioned anywhere along the bench, for easy use.

The upholstery features a removable cover. One invisible detail is the fact that the fasteners are designed to avoid contact with the surface, to prevent damaging the top of the bench.

Size variation:  1500x350x420, 1800x350x420, 2000x350x420




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