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Japanese Craft Exhibition;
Utsuwa Hanada 

In collaboration with Utsuwa Hanada boutique, Biën; presents a selection of works by two artists: ceramicist Yukimichi Kiyooka and glassblowers Yoshihiro Nishiyama, among others.



Vernissage at Biën; concept

February 29th from 7pm to 8:30pm

Utsuwa Hanada boutique

The Kurashi no Utsuwa Hanada boutique, founded in 1977 near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, offers a wide selection of handmade Japanese tableware, ranging from plates and bowls to decorative accessories, including pottery, porcelain, lacquerware, and glassware. Eisuke Matsui, from a family of tableware merchants, took over his father's boutique in 2013. For him, tableware is an essential element of the meal, enhancing both the dishes and the diners. Having grown up surrounded by a wide variety of tableware, he sees his work as a natural extension of joyful moments spent around the family table. Under his direction, the number of represented artists has grown from 7 to over 300, not out of a desire for expansion, but out of a passion for creators and unique pieces. Matsui firmly believes that enjoyable meals enrich daily life, and he seeks to share this vision through his selection of tableware, bringing a touch of happiness to every table. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, Eisuke Matsui will be present at Biën; concept store as well as at the Boutique des Guilands alternatively.⁠


Kiyooka Kodo

A visionary artist in the field of Shigaraki-yaki pottery, whose works captivate with their simple yet rich expression. A master of glazing, he skillfully explores a range of glazes, from crystalline whiteness (Shouhakuyuu) to the warmth of earthy tones (Kaigakuyuu), giving each piece a unique texture and charm. Working in a studio in the heart of Shigaraki, Kodo shapes his creations in the enchanting silence of ancient gas kilns. Each work, born from the fiery embrace of the kiln, reveals an insatiable beauty, where every glaze reflection offers a new perspective, transporting the viewer to a world where time seems suspended.⁠


Yoshihiro Nishiyama

Born in 1979 in Ehime Prefecture, Nishiyama is a renowned Japanese artist in the field of glassblowing. Starting his career in craft workshops in Kanazawa, he quickly emerged by winning several prestigious awards. Fascinated by the beauty and imperfection of ancient glassblowing techniques, Nishiyama strives to capture the aesthetics of ancient times through his creations. His blowing technique using molds allows him to play with the subtleties of glass, creating unique pieces with unexpected nuances. His meticulous work reflects his commitment to seeking perfection in each piece, pushing the boundaries of creativity and technical mastery.


Vernissage at Biën; concept

February 29th from 7pm to 8:30pm